Venues and Facilties

Main Hall; Martin Emmerick Our main hall is centrally situated and fully utilised every day for school and extra-mural activities.

Lecture Theatre - This venue, adjacent to the main hall, is suitable for the teaching of large groups.

Support Services -Practiced from various venues

    - Occupational Therapy – Mrs D. Pretorius

    - Clinical Psychologist – Dr C. Brand                                 

    - Practical Skills Programme – Mrs J. Yarborough

    - Remedial – Mrs N. Brettenny; Mrs Robinson

    - Speech and Language Therapist – Mrs J. Wright

Music Department - We offer lessons in piano, wind and brass instruments.  We have a Junior Band and a Senior Band.
Library - Our modern library offers a large range of appropriate reading material, research books and photocopying.

iPad Room - We have 700 iPads that are available for use in classrooms. Mrs K. Ranwell manages these iPads and is responsible for Information Technology and iPad training.

Computer Centre - A modern computer centre that is equipment with 36 work stations, a data projector and software that allows display on all workstations simultaneously.  We use a variety of software. The centre is open to children after school as per the extra-mural timetable issued per term.

IT Equipment - Each classroom is equipped with an online computer as well as an interactive whiteboard. This equipment is extensively used by teachers and pupils.

Tuck Shop; Herbies Hut - Our tuckshop which is open at first break, second break and after school until 3:00pm. Our tuckshop essentially provides a service in that hot foods, health foods and drinks and snacks are sold. Parents are encouraged to educate their children with regard to healthy eating and purchasing from our tuckshop

The Hurdian - This is the Club house situated on the Birkholtz Fields a block away from the school. This venue lends itself to be used by groups and classes as well as other activities.

The Herbert Hurd Aftercare Facility - This consists of 2 houses converted to an aftercare,directly opposite the school main entrance. This facility is run independently from the school. Separate application is made to gain entry. Due to limited space we include a list of other private aftercares that operate in close proximity to the school.

Available aftercare facilities in the community - Awesome Kids;  Sarah's Aftercare;  Leap Frog;  Jackie's Aftercare

Get more info on Aftercare facilities here    >>> 

Sporting and Extra-Mural Facilities

Hockey fields – Birkholtz Field and Cranna Fields
Rugby fields – Birkholtz Fields and Cranna Fields
Tennis Courts - 3 Tennis Courts
Netball Courts – 1 Court
2 Cricket Nets and 1 Pitch - Cranna Field;  2 pitches - Birkholtz Field
Indoor heated Swimming Pool

Hurdian Club House situated on the Birkholtz Fields