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Grade Two at Cape Recife – Fun, Sun and Freedom

The Grade Two classes headed down to the Cape Recife Nature Reserve for some fun on Tuesday the 5 March. The towering lighthouse and open stretch of beach along this beautiful “wildside” of our Port Elizabeth coastline welcomed us with its grey skies and low tide. There was little wind to dampen our spirits as we spent the day exploring the shoreline in search of beach treasures.

One really needn’t plan the day. With a perfect tidal pool to take a dip, many rock pools to explore and of course plenty of sand to dig, bury and build a sandcastle the time flew by.

With pleas to fish how could we say no. Mrs Butler had the honours of baiting some of the hooks BUT there were plenty more periwinkles that our fishermen found to ensure sufficient bait was at hand to lure a catch. There were even a few lucky “fishermen” amongst the classes who patiently dropped their hand line and waited for their catch. Our fishermen were all smiles!

With the trusty eyes of our teachers and some wonderful dads who accompanied us we could enjoy every inch of the beach and pools. We could picnic, swim and explore the time away. There is something about the beach, waves and sunshine… exhausted we returned with minds filled with memories of the fun exploring and learning, with the freedom to be and play.

Adventuring in Grade 2 is ALWAYS GREAT fun!

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