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Gr 5 Sundays River Outing

The Grade 5's headed off to Sunday’s River for an adrenaline-pumping day. For some, a boat-ride was something completely new – let alone a ride on the Sunday’s River Ferry. Some learners were even lucky enough to get a ride on, what they called, “The Speed Boat”.

Traveling down the river to our sand-dune destination, we were not only blessed with the morning sun reflecting off the river, but some classes were lucky enough to see some interesting wildlife, from monkeys to a not very common sighting of a Goliath Heron.

Arriving at the sand dune got their hearts pumping a little bit faster. Whether it was out of excitement, adrenaline, fear or merely the pure unknown, we will never know. After a brief pep-talk, they were off to tackle the massive dune.

The Grade 5's had a blast coming down that dune at a rapid rate of knots, either solo or with a friend or two. Some took a lot more convincing than others but in the end, it was all worth it. We even had some who thought that braking was for the weak and proceeded to propel off into the river with loud shrieks, screams and laughs!

What a lovely time was had at the sand sledding with an amazing group of Grade 5's.

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