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Winding down @Windsor!

This way to the imaginative playground… WINDSOR! The best place to spend a day just being me!!

It really is hard to believe that all the Grade Twos, 121 to be exact, can disappear into the play area of Windsor without a fuss. Every nook and cranny being explored with vivid imaginations and gusto. The ambulances, trucks, pirate ships, hospitals, fire engines and more come alive as friends build their own little worlds and play the day away

The “BIKES & TRIKES” were most definitely a firm favourite this year. The races began at the starting line and those wheels zipped around the corners as they sped towards the finish. Some SCOOTERS were spotted zipping around and weaving in and out of the bikes and trikes. Soon there were scores of bikers lining up to get their bikes fueled by the petrol attendants. Not to mention a few that needed their tyres “pumped” to give them the edge.

What would a play area be without those thrill seeking favourites… swings, slides and seesaws!! Naturally, the BIG SWING is always a hit as the queues form and eager thrill seekers line up for their turn to be spun around in the giant tyre. Climbing up high and sliding down the “fireman’s pole” is just as much fun. Those smiles keep growing as the children explore and discover the joys of a playground filled to the brim with adventure.

It’s a great place for friends to meet to play until the day is done!! There is that freedom to just “be ME” and to roam free and learn.

“Play is how children learn to take control of their lives”

Peter Grey

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