• Miss S. Fowlds

Band Camp 2019

The band camp started as usual; with the chaos of packing. Students like ants carrying instruments, stands and percussion back and forth. Once all of the packing was done and dusted, we left for Sumcay with a few minutes to spare.

After the drive, which is always beautiful with a view of Groendaal, we arrived at a hot and windy Sumcay. Straight away we began unpacking, setting up both halls for the Junior and Senior band, after which the students had a bit of free time. Mr Koopman decided that, because we were early, the bands could have a 30 minute, unplanned rehearsal just to get the students into the swing of things.

The little musicians then had 45 minutes to swim, which, I think, was a welcome relief because it was very hot. With the students nicely cooled off, the senior band went off to rehearse and the junior band joined Mr. Wates for some team-building activities. The students had to select teams and go to a square made from cones. They then had to choose one team member who would wear a blind fold, and from here they would have to direct the blind folded team member to find and deliver a few randomly place balls to them. The students had fun, and while this was going on, the senior band was making some excellent progress with a brand new piece.

Straight after this rehearsal and team-building activity was lunch, and what a welcome lunch. All of the students were hungry after all the swimming, activities and rehearsing. Then, the roles were reversed, junior band off to rehearsal and the senior band with Mr. Wates for the team-building activities. There after the students had some free time, and this time some of them went to the obstacle course while the others swam, but, curiously, most of them were at the obstacle course even in the heat.

Then we flew into a sectional rehearsal; these rehearsals are extremely beneficial because the students receive more concentrated and individual rehearsal time in order to work on some of the more technical aspects of the pieces. Then it was off to supper, and my how the day had flown, the students then had some free time, and at around 8pm we gave them some time to clean up and start getting ready to sleep.

The next morning started with a beautiful breakfast. Mr. Koopman decided against having a mini concert before we left, because all the pieces are still new. So, instead, we added in another rehearsal in order to work on those new pieces as much as possible before the camp was over. After the rehearsal, the students tidied up their dorms, packed their bags and had everything ready to pack onto the buses. The teachers then went around checking how the dorms looked, and the students were allowed one more swimming session. After the swim time just flew by, the buses were packed with everyone moving like ants again, we had a quick lunch, piled into the buses and made our way back to school.


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