• Mrs W. Venter

Grade 7 Term 3 Outing

The Grade 7’s spent a busy, interactive morning in St George’s Park on Tuesday, 17 September. Three activities had been organized for them ie. lawn bowling (yes, even teenagers can play “old man’s marbles”!), an amazing race through the park and an orientation walk. The highlights of the bowling were trying to keep the bowl on the rink and trying to get close to the kitty, which the children soon learnt wasn’t a cute fluffy feline. They thoroughly enjoyed the amazing race where they had to align themselves in correct positions according to pictures and then find answers to the cryptic clues. The orientation walk around the outskirts of the park reminded us that we pay very little attention to our city when we drive past in a car as we discovered monuments and signs that we had never seen before. This activity was tied up with the Geography symbols and map work we had learnt in class. The picnic break was also memorable, and a fun time of fellowship and team building was had by all. This, coupled with beautiful sunny weather, ensured a happy day spent out the classroom and marked the last excursion that the Grade 7’s will have at primary school.


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