• Mrs W. Venter

Grade 7's attend Bugsy Malone

The Grade 7's attended the Victoria Park High School's musical comedy production of 'Bugsy Malone' on Tuesday, 7 May 2019. We thoroughly enjoyed being entertained by their high school cast and our teachers were particularly pleased to see that the lead actor, Bugsy, was in fact a past Hurdian - Tuan Thalla.

The plot kept the interest of the audience as there was plenty of action, including shooting of splurge guns, and lots of 1920 gangster conflict - with a comedic touch - which was a welcome relief to what we read and experience nowadays. The music, props, outfits and the New York accents all enhanced the production and made it seem believable and far removed from a school hall venue.

The Grade 7's then proceeded to write a review of Bugsy Malone as part of their English assessment.


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