• Mrs W. Venter

Grade 7 Team Building Day

The Grade 7's eagerly made their way to the Hurdian on Friday 1 February for their Team Building Day. They were split into teams and given nine tasks to complete together. These tasks ranged from untangling themselves from a human chain to having the team’s legs tied together and having to move through a course of hoola hoops with only two feet inside them at a time!

There were marble races in sand pits, marbles balancing in spoon challenges, using ribbon to write as a team and recalling cell numbers from all over the grounds, to name a few. The highlight was watching a video on how geese work as a team and then having to reenact the scenes themselves, geese honks and all! The ice-creams were a fantastic relief during the balmy morning, as well as the cooldrinks and biscuits. After all the hard work, the Grade 7's moved to the school pool for lunch and a well-deserved swim before heading home after a busy day at the Hurdian.


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