• Mr G. Harris

Circular 68/2018

Dear Parents

“The decisions you make are a choice of values that reflect your life in every way.”

Alice Waters

Herbert Hurd Primary School prides itself in its values, sound discipline and academic awareness. This environment leads to a commitment of trust, respect and support of each other making us proud and loyal to the school.

The Ten Core Beliefs we subscribe to embodies the above, namely:

  • Creation of a safe and secure environment;

  • Promotion of respect, acceptance and trust;

  • Development of a love for learning;

  • Recognition and celebration of individualism;

  • Holistic approach to education;

  • Supportive and challenging programmes;

  • Setting of high expectations;

  • Taking individual responsibility;

  • All learning to be purposeful, and

  • Acknowledging our sense of community.

Parents, we as a school, cannot achieve this on our own. We need you to participate in a positive and active manner through your:

  • Support of school objectives;

  • Loyalty to school policies;

  • Creation of an academic awareness;

  • Encouragement of your children;

  • Supervision of homework;

  • Commitment to the payment of fees;

  • Creating accepted discipline structures at home, and

  • Development of a sense of pride.

In order for Herbert Hurd to continue being the bastian of education that it has been for the past 64 years, known for its values, discipline, sound visionary academic foundation with a comprehensive sporting and cultural programme, leading to the development of confident and happy pupils. We as a school expect:

  • Pride in manners, courtesy, honesty, dress and appearance;

  • Sound, acceptable levels of behavior;

  • Academic attainment within their ability;

  • Pride in school and all it stands for;

from all pupils enrolled here.

Unfortunately, we have started to notice a deterioration in the above values and ethos from an ever-increasing number of pupils. These pupils are now denying the right to learn in a secure environment to the majority of learners who want to learn. It is also affecting the quality of teaching as teachers are now having to spend valuable teaching time disciplining undisciplined children who are not interested in their academic work.


It is evident that the negative DoJo’s have no effect in the higher grades and these pupils continue to transgress irrespective of the consequences.

Parent contact, Interviews, Interviews with the disciplinary committee, Disciplinary hearings and Suspension are now going to become the order of the day for those who do not want to conform to the school’s Code of Conduct.

I draw all parent’s attention once again to the Family Information Manual and Code of Conduct booklet, issued on enrolment, pages 17 to 29 covering procedures and consequences.

Parents, we live in an undisciplined society and we cannot allow this attitude to manifest itself here at Herbert Hurd. I appeal to you to work with us in order for Herbert Hurd to remain the pocket of excellence we are. Let us not let a few destroy it!

“Children are not casual guests in our home (school). They have been loaned to us temporarily for the purpose of loving them and instilling a foundation of values on which their future lives will be built.”

James Dobson

We look forward to a wonderful turn-a-round.

Yours sincerely





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