• Mrs L. Watson

Grade 2s explore SANCCOB – May 2018

SANCCOB is situated in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve. It is a penguin rehabilitation centre that is helping injured and abandoned penguins. SANCCOB is furthermore helping to educate our children by raising the awareness of the problems that our endangered African Penguin species faces.

It is always a joy to be hosted by staff of SANCCOB as they welcome us into the hospital and classroom and begin the exciting lessons of penguin facts. Phillipa entertains, enlightens and humours us with her wonderful and abundant knowledge of penguins.

We experience a classroom of another kind for the day. Our eyes feast on the array of collections scattered around what feels like an ENOURMOUS nature table! Our eyes marvel, our brains question and we fill the time with conversation and knowledge that enlightens us!

We learn so much about the penguins. The stages in the life span, moulting, feeding habits, care and then the dangers these animals now face due to pollution. It’s not all facts but a little bit of science and a lot of fun all rolled up in one!

We also were very fortunate this year to be able to witness the gannet’s feeding frenzy. The inquisitive penguins too were on display as was the lonely cormorant. How wonderful nature is! We got to see and witness some great catches from the gorgeous gannets and some lucky penguins got to dive for the fish off cuts and spills that the gannets missed.

There was a very inquisitive monkey who tried to join our lesson and definitely got a few tasty treats that we left behind on the lunch area’s grass. For us… we feasted on the objects in the classroom. To be able to see, feel and snuggle a penguin, to rub noses with the seals and be up close and personal with a shark was SIMPLY THE BEST!!

SANCCOB we are extremely grateful for the lessons you teach us and our support we know goes to feeding and helping our endangered African Penguins off our coastline.


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