• Mr G. Harris

Emma Sadleir at Herbert Hurd

Incredible, Inspiring, Mind-Blowing, Frightening, Scary and so the adjectives can continue to describe last night’s presentation from Emma Sadleir regarding social media and all related matters around it.

The families that were represented last night are the richer today because of the knowledge gained last night. The Grade 6 & 7 pupils’ eyes were opened, as well, as to the pitfalls that social media presents itself with.

I was horrified to see what a large number of our pupils are up to on social media and how young some of the participants are. During the afternoon I was taken through screen after screen of Herbert Hurd pupils as to the dangers they are putting themselves in regarding pictures they are posting of themselves. It was scary!

To all who took the time and effort to honour their commitment, I salute you. You are the true winners and your children have gained so much by your mere presence last night. I am proud you!

Parents, who were in attendance, I would appreciate your feedback and comment. Please forward it to me, in written format, at your earliest convenience.

The school will once again be looking at its policies around devices and social media and your comments and feedback to last night will go a long way in helping us in creating a safe environment for our pupils.


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