• Mrs J. Warneke

Alexander Road/Herbert Hurd Band Evening

What a lovely evening of music 18 April turned out to be! Ms Coleman and Mr Koopman collaborated in instituting what will now become an annual event featuring only the two schools - venues alternating between Alex and Herbert Hurd.

Tea and coffee were available to attending parents on arrival and at the end. This created an opportunity to socialize - a lovely touch.

Herbert Hurd kicked off the evening with the familiar and beloved Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd-Webber. Our band members’ nervousness was evident in this piece, but the High School band and the audience applauded loudly to show their appreciation, and thereafter the children seemed to relax, and performed beautifully. Mr Harris’s attendance was, as always, valued by the children. Mr Koopman is growing in stature as a bandmaster - very evident in the constantly improving quality of the music produced.

The Alex band was as usual in top form. How blessed they are to have a band director of the caliber of Ms Coleman. Her easy manner with both the band members and the audience speaks of years of experience and goes a long way to extracting maximum effect from the young musicians.

Our thanks to Mr Koopman, Mrs Canter and Miss Fowlds who are constantly busy providing our wind and percussion players with the technique necessary for good performance.

We look forward to future meetings like this one - thoroughly enjoyed by organizers, participants and audience. And to further recommend this event, it lasted just 55 minutes. Refreshing!

Thank you, Alex!


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