• Mrs J. Warneke

New Music Pupils

This has been a bumper year for beginners in the Music Department. We had a huge exodus of Grade Sevens last year, necessitating a much greater than usual intake of newbies. We are happy to announce that every band instrument is now in use.

This has also led to Mrs Canter's hours being extended to four full days per week in addition to the four full time teachers employed at the school. Mrs Warneke and Mrs Simons teach piano and class music; Mrs Canter teaches clarinet,saxophone and class music and Miss Fowlds teaches flute and piano. Mr Koopman takes care of all the brass players as well as Grade Seven class music.

Our beginners are already showing great promise, and we are hopeful that every music student currently taking lessons at school will give a good account of him- or herself at every opportunity.


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