• Mrs L. Watson

Grade Two explores the rocky shores

The Grade 2 classes all headed out on Valentine’s Day to the beautiful rocky shoreline of Cape Recife. The sandy beach, at the foot of the lighthouse, is the perfect spot to set up a base for the exciting flag races and a lunchtime picnic. The beautiful sunlight shining down through the early morning rain clouds welcomed us while the picturesque lighthouse towered above.

Hopping off the busses, unpacking the kit, seeing the lighthouse for the first time and feeling the sand of the dunes under your feet is always a thrill! We also need to hear some “Beach FUN Rules” from Mr Garner ensuring that our day is filled with excitement.

The flag races are always a hit! Heads down, heads up and waiting for the whistle to sound as you then race across the sand to secure a spot in the next round! Sometimes it is a close call and sometimes there is no conceding as the racers cling to their piece of the winnings! In the end, we are all cheering and rooting for a favourite and the tales of sand dives and success live on in our memories.

The rock pool session with Mr Garner is always a favourite. He has some amazing knowledge to share and always encourages us to protect and look after our oceans and rocky shores. There is a world of life waiting to be discovered. From tasting the sea to uncovering the limpets, periwinkles, starfish, hermit crabs, sea urchins and more!

There is always time to wallow in the shallow pools, build a sand castle, dig some enormous holes, splish-splash and CHILL with our friends! There is plenty of chitter-chatter, laughter and noise BUT no one really cares because our classroom for the day has NO walls! There is fresh air and sunshine and MEMORIES made to last a lifetime.

It is hard to tear ourselves away from the ocean calls and the fun to have but “all good things come to an end”. Cape Recife we may leave the stinky socks we dug up behind but we thank you for your beauty and the discoveries that your ocean had on display on Valentine’s Day! Our lunchtime messages and bags were packed and we finally headed back to our home away from home, Herbert Hurd! It was a terrific way to spend Valentine’s Day 2018!


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