• Mr G. Harris

From the Headmaster's Desk...

The acceptance of the 2018 theme “SUCCESS UNDER CONSTRUCTION” has been embraced by all associated with this wonderful school. Success is the choice of every individual! Every individual aspires to growth, therefore the road to success is always under construction. As the times keep changing, environmental changes, people around us change, situations change, people demands change, behaviours change and educational expectations change. Change is inevitable!

People that thus strive for success must change their core competencies. We must always keep on adding knowledge, knowhow, skills, information and above all the new creative and innovative techniques and technologies competing with time. These competencies add to the wisdom of the individuals and make them wise. Wise people are quick and sharp in taking decisions. Decisions may by for themselves, for society and for complete humanity. Tomorrow, the only people that will survive and be successful will be those who enhance their competencies, capabilities, capacities, efficiencies and proficiencies. We must keep on learning to succeed in our mission of a successful life. There is always room to improve, therefore success is always under construction.

This is exactly what we are trying to do with our pupils, irrespective of the grade. Remember when you:

  • Cut it for me,

  • Write it for me,

  • Open it for me,

  • Set it up for me,

  • Draw it for me,

  • Find it for me.

All I learn is:

  • That you do it better than me!


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