• Mrs L. Watson

Grade 2 Outing to the SAAF Museum

GO! GO! GO! Our Term 3 Life Skills theme of TRANSPORT means we need to find somewhere exciting to visit where we can explore things that move! How fitting to be able to travel across town and visit the SAAF Museum. This is really a hidden treasure and an outing that our children absolutely adore.

It is so exciting to be able to see, feel and touch the aircrafts that are inside the museum hangers and to hear the stories and tales of our Airforce and the aircrafts that protect our country. Our time in this marvelous place never seems long enough!

The jungle gym outside is the perfect place to let our imaginations run wild. Under no instruction from the teachers the battlefield scenes unfold. A quick picnic and plenty of grass to rid ourselves of our energy means that this day and this adventure is simply PERFECT in every way!

I’m sure there will be a good few nagging boys and girls who will want to re-visit and explore a little more over the coming weekends. It’s a great party venue too, so if you have never been… be sure to look up the SAAF Museum!

Please see more photos on the Gallery page.


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