• Mr G. Sanderson

Knysna Hockey Tour

The girls and boys departed for our annual Knysna Hockey Tour on Friday 12th August. When arriving we went straight to the Spur, and had a great lunch that was enjoyed by both children and staff. We then went to our accommodation at Woodbourne Lodge. The children had a chance to inspect their rooms and decide on roommates. We then went to the gorgeous Oakhill grounds to play our matches. These games were played on Astroturf in the pouring rain. The kids loved this even though they came off the field drenched to the bone. Both the boys and girls won their respective matches. The boys won 4-0 and the girls won 3-0. In the evening we had a big braai. It was no mean feat feeding 27 ravenous children. They were treated to chops, chicken drumsticks, and wors rolls. As a treat they had hot chocolate drinks topped with marshmallows. At ten it was time for ‘bed’. The Saturday morning started with an early morning cappuccino, muffin and breakfast bar. We then made our way down to the festival. There were some strong teams here and the boys and girls both played some lovely hockey.

Saturday results:


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