• Mrs L. Watson

Grade 2’s visit SAMREC

SAMREC is a penguin rehabilitation centre situated within the Cape Recife Nature Reserve. How lucky we were to spend the morning learning about penguins, being exposed to all the wonderful, real-life artifacts inside the SAMREC classroom and getting to see the penguins up close and personal outside in the rock pool area.

Our coastline is home to the African Penguin and being exposed to methods used to clean the penguins after oil spills, seeing how the sick penguins and juveniles are tube fed and learning about moulting, courtship and parenting enable us to leave with a mind full of knowledge and a heart ready to care for our wildlife.

We really enjoyed our time and know there may be a few nags to head back that way soon. It’s a great family outing and the centre welcomes visitors to spend time exploring and enjoying a tour. The hospital area is out of bounds to our school groups BUT who knows as a family you may well get to take a peek inside there too.


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