• Mr D. Garner

Sumcay 2017

The Grade 4’s spent their very first night away from home at Sumcay.

First order of business, the great debate of who should get the top bunk… once that was settled the girls had a swim while the boys designed their Coat of Arms for their dorm. Afterwards each group had to perform their own war cry. Once the girls cooled down, it was the boys turn to swim.

Camp food is an experience and Sumcay always delivers! Once juice and hotdogs with a slice of watermelon were enjoyed, we got on with the programme. Next up was the class swimming relay trophy. Once all the water droplets had settled from a furious race, Room 35 were crowned champions for 2017.

We headed down to the obstacle course to try our hand at some new skills. Climbing, falling, laughing and just having fun was just what the doctor ordered. Camp food was sticky chicken, salad, bread and ice-cream. This was followed up by a campfire run by Mr. Garner. The songs which were sang around the campfire were entertaining and hilarious. We had some free time to jump on the trampolines and chat with our friends before going to sleep.

Sleep (noun) a condition of body and mind which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended. NOT ON CAMP! Sleep on camp is a foreign word to describe how to make noise and think that it cannot be heard. Mr. Garner still can’t believe how there will be a HUGE noise in a room and as he opens the door, there is complete silence and everybody has miraculously passed out!

After a night of all out “sleep”, breakfast was enjoyed and we moved onto an egg hunt. We had a good brunch and then started the packing up part of camp. While the boys packed their things, the girls went on a scavenger hunt and after they finished, we swapped.

Memories are made, stories are told and none so important as the ones made at camp!

Thanks must go to the teachers who gave up a night with their loved ones so that the Grade 4’s could go to camp!


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