• Mrs C. Sparks

Inter-house Gala

The inter-house gala, in which all Grade 4’s to 7’s participated, was a record-breaking success. The day started with the respective houses (Albury, Chapman, Kennersley and Weymouth) marching down to the pool. The day was spent singing, cheering and supporting our fellow house mates in an attempt to come out on top.

The breaststroke and backstroke events had been selected from trials completed earlier in the term, while the freestyle events gave all learners the opportunity to gain participation points for their houses (and cool off a bit in the process).

Throughout the day, 11 individual records as well as 3 relay records were broken. Myra Viduya, Jayden Agnew and Justin Agnew all broke records while Caleb Rensburg broke 2 records. Katelyn Pienaar and Connor Jay each broke 3 records, with Connor breaking a record that has stood since 1998.

Well done to Weymouth for winning the u10 and u12 mixed freestyle relay races and to Chapman for winning the u11 and OPEN relay races. The u11, u12 and OPEN relay teams all broke records during their events.

The Unwin trophy, awarded for consistent spirit throughout the day, was awarded to the almighty Albury and the Lily White trophy for the overall winning house was awarded to the champions of the day, Chapman.

We ended the day off with the much anticipated staff vs pupils relay race. Unfortunately, the staff narrowly lost and the victory now belongs with the pupils. Well done to all the houses, swimmers and supporters for a successful inter-house gala.


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