• Mrs L. Watson

CAPE RECIFE – Room 5 and 6’s outdoor classroom

There is always great excitement as we head down to Cape Recife in the morning to spend the day on this pristine Nature Reserve learning more about our coastline and the ocean. Not to mention having loads of fun beneath the lighthouse that towers above us.

There is that freedom to be… to run to our hearts content and to seek out the ocean treasures that lie on the sand. Also some treasures packed into our bags by “good old mum”.

Fishing with a hand line is definitely one of the favourite activities during the morning. BUT before one can fish, one needs to get the bait. Of course finding a periwinkle and securing it on the hook gets many brave boys and girls wrinkling up their noses and squirming. The facial expressions are PRICELESS and speak far louder than words!!

Once the bait is on that teeny hook and the fishing spot has been secured, it’s time to gently drop that line and see if you are lucky enough to make a catch! After several warnings about slippery rocks Mr Garner took a tumble and landed in the deepest rock pool, amidst a good giggle or two! Did we make any catches you are wondering? Yes, we did BUT our photographer was already with another group to catch their fun. Perhaps moms and dads you will be dragged to the rock pools to see the talent these young fishermen have!

The flag races are another fun way to get rid of the energy we have built up after our snack packs from home. Each time the number of “flags” gets less and the possibility to secure one becomes more of a tussle. It quickly shows who is quick and has their wits about them.

Who can visit the beach without building a sandcastle? With plenty of shells, seaweed and pebbles the decorating is really made easy. Working in a team and collaborating on the beach to build fancy forts, castles and villages makes for lots of fun, interesting designs and some magnificent castles that we can be proud of!

We enjoyed our outdoor classroom at Cape Recife. Not only was it a great place for handwriting with a difference but we left with many happy memories of the fun we had. Our footprints may wash away but fortunately these memories can last a lifetime! Cape Recife, thank you for sharing your beauty with us.


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