• Mrs D. Dixon-Paver

Feeling the Love

With the run up to Valentine's Day there were hearts galore being created in the Grade 4 and 5 art club, as well as the one attended by Grade 6 and 7 pupils.

The senior pupils were given a square of white card, a pencil, a black fineliner and a red pencil crayon and asked to draw an imaginative heart. The results were amazing...each one very different from the next and confirming once again that the pupils of our school not only have wonderful artistic talent but incredible imagination too! Several of these heart drawings were then combined as collaborative posters which were printed for Valentine's Day and displayed on notice boards around the school.

In the Grade 4 and 5 art club the pupils drew two hearts each. One was done in warm colours (red, yellow, orange) with a cool-coloured background (blue, green purple), while the second heart was completed in the opposite way. The pupils then cut up their two hearts into strips which they carefully wove together to create one art work. The colourful results may be viewed on display outside the art room.


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