• Mr D. Garner

Grade 7 Team Building

On Friday the 3rd of February, the Grade 7’s took part in a team-building day at the Birkholtz Fields. Once the children had been split into their groups, they were sent off to different activities.

These well-thought-out activities (Thanks Mrs Stone!) were set to be challenging, yet fun. They provided great opportunities for the boys and girls to learn about teamwork. Some of the activities included deciphering clues to find cellphone numbers that were hidden away and then needing to memorise them to be able to get their next clue! There was a timed marble challenge where you needed to build a “sandcastle” that you could roll a marble down and whoever's marble took the longest to roll down, was the challenge winner! Then there was the Geese video… each group had to watch a team building/motivational video about how geese fly in formation enabling them to travel further and more economically. The fun came when the children needed to re-enact the video! Squawking could be heard on the other end of the field, followed by much laughter!

The children then made their way to the swimming pool at school. Here they enjoyed a dip in the water followed by a game where they had to find coins thrown into the swimming pool and build a money tower.

It was an enjoyable morning and a great way to make new friends across the classes. Thanks must go to all the Grade 7 teachers and the students for the time and effort they put into making the outing successful.


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