The role of parents in the school

“Parents and professionals ought to work towards the goal of developing a partnership whose efforts are helpful to the child”.


Today, it has become necessary for parents to participate in school matters in such a way that they will be able to make a positive and active contribution, in the interests of the child in particular and the school in general, to the effectiveness of the school.

We need the:

  • support of all school objectives

  • loyalty to school and school policies

  • creation of academic awareness at home

  • encouragement of learners to participate fully in the school’s extra-mural programme

  • supervision of homework

  • commitment to pay all fees levied by the school

  • setting of accepted levels of discipline and self-discipline at home

  • development of a sense of pride within their children

Remember, "only the best is good enough for my child!"

School/Parent contact is made through :

  • diary

  • D6 School Communicator

  • newsletters – The Hurdian

  • Class Dojo messaging

  • school reports

  • school functions

  • parent evenings

  • individual contact – parent & teacher

  • P.T.A.

  • Governing Body