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May 30, 2018

We are so proud of these two boys and their mom.  They handed in 67 beanies this morning! Each boy completed a beanie himself and the rest were knitted and crocheted by Mrs Jay. Thank you to this family for the wonderful support. We are proud of the boys for the effort that they have made to bless others.

Beanies can be handed in to Miss Niemand and we are accepting wool donations too.

May 30, 2018

The Grade 6's went on an educational outing to Dodds Farm last week.  What better way to apply the theory they've learnt in Natural Science than doing it practically in nature.  They were given the opportunity to do water experiments and observe their natural surroundings.  Each group was given a clipboard with worksheets, instructions to follow & a set of equipment. They were each designated a spot where they could test the water for pollution, the temperature & oxygen levels in the water.  They had to assess & give feedback as to whether it was safe for animals & insects to thrive in these conditions. 
The groups took on the tasks with great eagerness & responsibility & Mrs Lara Lotter was very impressed with the feedback given by the groups. 
The pupils were then taken on a short hike of the Baakens Valley to see the beauty that lies right here in their backyards. 


May 30, 2018

2018 has been another year of thought-provoking speeches and excellent deliveries.  Our top 8 Orators came up with excellent topics and informed their audience on issues such as bullying, drones, weird creatures, Round Table, schizophrenia, facts about the earth, signs that prove you're a genius and trains. The 8 Orators chosen from across the grade proved to be excellent public speakers and we are proud of every pupil who took part in the Orators  Competition.  

A huge congratulations goes to Sage Heard for winning the Grade 6 Oratory Competition. Her oral on strange creatures was very interesting and kept the audience captivated.  Chinika Goliath's oral on bullying was highly commended and Joshua Robinson won the unprepared section of the competition where he convinced all that reading the dictionary can be a lot of fun. Thank you to all English teachers in Grade 6 who put a lot of effort into getting the pupils prepared for these events.

May 30, 2018

Sports Results for 22-25 May 2018

May 28, 2018

SANCCOB is situated in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve. It is a penguin rehabilitation centre that is helping injured and abandoned penguins. SANCCOB is furthermore helping to educate our children by raising the awareness of the problems that our endangered African Penguin species faces.

It is always a joy to be hosted by staff of SANCCOB as they welcome us into the hospital and classroom and begin the exciting lessons of penguin facts. Phillipa entertains, enlightens and humours us with her wonderful and abundant knowledge of penguins.

We experience a classroom of another kind for the day. Our eyes feast on the array of collections scattered around what feels like an ENOURMOUS nature table! Our eyes marvel, our brains question and we fill the time with conversation and knowledge that enlightens us!

We learn so much about the penguins. The stages in the life span, moulting, feeding habits, care and then the dangers these animals now face due to pollution. It’s not all facts but a little bi...

May 27, 2018

7-17 May 2018

 12 May 2018 : Westering Derby

May 27, 2018

The Grade 7 Orators’ Competition was held in the Martin Emmerick Hall on Thursday 24 May.  The audience was treated to excellent, well-researched and thought-provoking orals.  Thank you to the three adjudicators: Mrs Pons, Mrs Moosa and Mrs Yarborough, who had the daunting task of choosing a winner amongst such talent. 

The winner of the day was Hope Gabriel who spoke passionately about “Foreigners in South Africa”. Her unprepared oral was an amusing account of “My First Attempt at Surfing”.  Talissa Muniz did her prepared oral on “Blurred Lines in the Rainbow” and was highly commended for her riveting presentation. 

The other Grade 7 orators were: Petra Coltman (Five Things You Didn’t Know About Yourself), Xander Bush (The Fourth Industrial Revolution), Bergen Dekker (World Records), Joshua Jonker (Technology Makes Us Dumber), Jordan le Roux (Mysteries of the World) and Sarah-Jade Henry (Emotional Versus Physical Pain). We are incredibly proud of our top-eight Grade 7...

May 24, 2018

On Thursday 24 May the Grade 3 corridors were abuzz with a hive of activity on our annual Insect Day. The children came dressed up as insects and the parents certainly had made such an effort to make their darlings look the part! The day started with a parade around the Foundation Phase playground followed by a photo shoot. Each child presented their oral and the pamphlet they had made. We then decorated biscuits to show the caterpillar hatching out of its egg. The children invented their own insects which they then had to name and write about. The day culminated in them decorating their own butterflies. It was a glorious day and luckily no little insects had to be swatted or sprayed with Doom!

May 24, 2018

JORDAN ERASMUS broke his brand new hockey stick during his u11A boys hockey match against Lorraine Primary, on Friday, 11 May. 

As a consolation, our u11A team won this thriller of a match 2-1. 

May 17, 2018

Incredible, Inspiring, Mind-Blowing, Frightening, Scary and so the adjectives can continue to describe last night’s presentation from Emma Sadleir regarding social media and all related matters around it.

The families that were represented last night are the richer today because of the knowledge gained last night. The Grade 6 & 7 pupils’ eyes were opened, as well, as to the pitfalls that social media presents itself with.

I was horrified to see what a large number of our pupils are up to on social media and how young some of the participants are. During the afternoon I was taken through screen after screen of Herbert Hurd pupils as to the dangers they are putting themselves in regarding pictures they are posting of themselves. It was scary!

To all who took the time and effort to honour their commitment, I salute you. You are the true winners and your children have gained so much by your mere presence last night. I am proud you!

Parents, who were in attendance, I would appreciate your feedb...

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