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February 28, 2018

A Mini cricket coaching session was held on Saturday, 24 February, on the Cranna Field. An enthusiastic group of pupils attended the session and had a fantastic time. The basics of cricket, which included holding a cricket bat, holding the ball, batting and bowling were taught by the experienced Mr Noble and the coaches. A big thank you to all parents who supported this initiative. A fun time was had by all.

February 28, 2018

Thunderous drums, enthusiastic singing, fancy dress, multi-coloured face paint and free sweets (for those showing enthusiasm) filled the Herbert Hurd Aquatic Centre on Friday, 23 February 2018 at the annual senior Inter-House Gala. All pupils from Grade 4 through to Grade 7 were able to escape classroom learning for an enjoyable day of cheering on their house peers and swimming to earn house points.

The backstroke and breaststroke events were pre-determined during each pupil’s Phys Ed lesson. However, on the day of the gala, all learners had the opportunity to earn points for their respective house by participating in the freestyle events from which the final heats were then determined.

Unluckily, this year saw the unfortunate event of the staff coming off second best to the Grade 7’s in the staff vs pupils’ race. The staff felt that they would have won if they had been ready on time to begin the race. The pupils, determined to win, were focused and ready at the sound of the starter resu...

February 28, 2018

Early this year we received an invitation to join a few other primary schools’ bands and choirs in a music extravaganza at the David Blake Hall.  We were sent sheet music which was to be prepared during our normal practice time, to a level of reasonable competence.

The day of reckoning dawned on 22 February.  Parents had rallied around, offering transport to avoid the necessity of using the buses required by sports teams, teachers scurried to get the admin done.  As this was our first opportunity to participate, we were a little nervous.  Was our level of competence adequate?  Were we ready to give a good account of ourselves?

On arrival, our children were shepherded to separate venues, one for choir training under the baton of Mrs Liske Hemingway, and the other for band tutelage, ably administered by Mr Marlon Louis.

The end result was a concert presentation of what the choirs and bands had put together through the afternoon up to that point – and what a display of sheer j...

February 23, 2018

Lord Robert Baden-Powell, (February 22, 1857 - January 8, 1941) was a soldier, writer and founder of the world Scouting movement. The scouts, cubs, brownies and girl guides celebrated his birthday by coming to school in their respective uniforms.

February 21, 2018

This has been a bumper year for beginners in the Music Department.  We had a huge exodus of Grade Sevens last year, necessitating a much greater than usual intake of newbies. We are happy to announce that every band instrument is now in use.  

This has also led to Mrs Canter's hours being extended to four full days per week in addition to the four full time teachers employed at the school.  Mrs Warneke and Mrs Simons teach piano and class music; Mrs Canter teaches clarinet,saxophone and class music and Miss Fowlds teaches flute and piano.  Mr Koopman takes care of all the brass players as well as Grade Seven class music.

Our beginners are already showing great promise, and we are hopeful that every music student currently taking lessons at school will give a good account of him- or herself at every opportunity.

February 20, 2018

The Grade 2 classes all headed out on Valentine’s Day to the beautiful rocky shoreline of Cape Recife. The sandy beach, at the foot of the lighthouse, is the perfect spot to set up a base for the exciting flag races and a lunchtime picnic. The beautiful sunlight shining down through the early morning rain clouds welcomed us while the picturesque lighthouse towered above.

Hopping off the busses, unpacking the kit, seeing the lighthouse for the first time and feeling the sand of the dunes under your feet is always a thrill! We also need to hear some “Beach FUN Rules” from Mr Garner ensuring that our day is filled with excitement.

The flag races are always a hit! Heads down, heads up and waiting for the whistle to sound as you then race across the sand to secure a spot in the next round! Sometimes it is a close call and sometimes there is no conceding as the racers cling to their piece of the winnings! In the end, we are all cheering and rooting for a favourite and the tales of sand dives a...

February 19, 2018

Janreu Oosthuizen, in the under 10A cricket team, took an amazing 5 wickets and conceded only 2 runs. They played the match against Kingswood College under 11B team on Saturday, 17 February at the Birkholtz Fields. Herbert Hurd won the match by 8 wickets. 

February 19, 2018

During assembly last Friday, 16 February 2018, academic badges were handed out to the pupils who received 80% aggregate in their December exams.  We are very proud of these pupils and hope that they will continue their hard work this year. Congratulations!

February 16, 2018

On Wednesday, 14 February the Grade 6’s surprised the Grade 1’s with a Valentine’s treat.  Each Grade 6 wrote a card specially for a little Grade 1 & gave it to them with a small treat just to say we love that you are at Herbert Hurd.  Each Grade 6 class visited a different Grade 1 class so the pupils could meet their special new friend face to face.

Even though they missed seeing the Grade 1 pupils, Rm 16 got to sit in the recipients desk and chair to leave them their letter and sweet treat.  They got to feel what it was once like to be in a Grade 1 class again and many could not believe they were once that small too. We also took a photo of Mrs Cloete with pupils that used to be in her class, even Miss Archibald.

There were many hugs & smiles that accompanied Valentine’s Day, proving once again that the smallest of gestures can make the biggest impact. ️

February 15, 2018

The acceptance of the 2018 theme “SUCCESS UNDER CONSTRUCTION” has been embraced by all associated with this wonderful school. Success is the choice of every individual! Every individual aspires to growth, therefore the road to success is always under construction. As the times keep changing, environmental changes, people around us change, situations change, people demands change, behaviours change and educational expectations change. Change is inevitable!

People that thus strive for success must change their core competencies. We must always keep on adding knowledge, knowhow, skills, information and above all the new creative and innovative techniques and technologies competing with time. These competencies add to the wisdom of the individuals and make them wise. Wise people are quick and sharp in taking decisions. Decisions may by for themselves, for society and for complete humanity. Tomorrow, the only people that will survive and be successful will be those who enhance their competen...

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