Grade 1's are learning about 'Pets'

As the Grade Ones have been learning about caring for pets, Mrs G brought her dogs to school as a special treat. We are not sure who enjoyed the day more, the dogs or the children. Asking for spelling words for creative writing is a lot more fun when you get to stroke a dog too.

Grade 1's Visit Elands Nursery

The Grade 1 pupils shared a growing, learning and inspiring experience last week at Elands Nursery, as they observed the growing process of plants and culminated this experience in the form of planting their own pot of Rosemary.

Grade 3's Visit Holmeleigh Farm

On Tuesday the 10th September the Grade 3’s visited Holmeleigh Farm. We got to feed the animals and some of us were even brave enough to allow the ostriches to peck the seeds off of our heads! We had a tractor ride around the farmyard and Some lucky children got to milk Princess, the cow while others got to hold the cuddly bunnies. We loved having the freedom to run and play in the fresh air and sunshine. An enjoyable day was had by all.

PEA Spring Gala 2019

PEA Swimming Club hosted a Junior Gala on Saturday 7 September 2019 at the Herbert Hurd Aquatic Centre. This gala was for unregistered swimmers aged 7-10. Herbert Hurd had 19 swimmers taking part, of which 6 swimmers swam for their club, PEA. The following children placed in their respective age groups: Jessica Duppa-Whyte: Breaststroke 3rd (7 years & under) Micah Groener: Breaststroke 3rd (8 years & under) Yuané Gerber: Breaststroke 2nd (9 years & under) Hayley Bush: Backstroke 3rd (9 years & under) Lindsay Froehlich: Freestyle 2nd (9 years & under) Kieran Scheun: Breastsroke 3rd / Backstroke 2nd / Freestyle 1st (9 years & under) Well done to all these swimmers who either swam for their sch

Grade 6 Adrenalin Addo Excursion

The day that all the Grade 6 learners had been waiting for had finally arrived. There had been much excitement and buzz around the topic for weeks. Now the buses and trailers were packed and it was time to wave goodbye to the parents and get the snacks out, ready for the trip ahead. 130 learners were divided into teams and the activities began right away with a tent building contest – a foreign concept to some. They would soon learn that although the days were warm, the nights were very cold especially outside the comfort of those tents. The three days at Addo were packed with activities – from survival games, obstacle courses, canoeing to even the Big Swing and the highly anticipated Zipli

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