Entrepreneurs Day

The Grade 7s held their Entrepreneurs Day on Friday, 15 September. There was great excitement as the day dawned and the stalls were set up. Although there was the occasional drizzle, nothing could dampen the spirits of the 115 Grade 7s who were eager to make money. Products ranged from sweet treats, like fudge, cupcakes and condensed milk syringes, to home-made products like foam bubble makers. There were also various games and activities like air-soft shooting and the always popular water-balloon throwing. We are proud to report that no group made a loss this year! Many Grade 7s walked away with impressive profits, already planning how they were going to spend their money. Thanks to t

Grade 7 Reading Competition

The annual Grade 7 Reading Competition was held in the media centre on Thursday, 15 September. The adjudicator was an ex-teacher of Herbert Hurd, Mrs Louise Templer. The book that was chosen to be read was "Trash" by Andy Mulligan. The story revolves around three trash boys who find a wallet with money and ID photos, a map of the city and a key in a trash dump. They have to dodge the police while they try to uncover the mystery behind these items and solve the riddle. Well done to the eight finalists: Riley Doyle, Okuhle Ndalasi, Caitlyn Burton, Charne Joubert, Buhle Dayimani, Kyle Gouws, Talisa Human and Jason Kohl. Well done to Caitlyn who won the competition and to Riley and Buhle who

Grandparents Day

Our annual Grandparents Day was held on Friday, 8 September. Over 400 grandparents joined us for a cup of tea and some entertainment. The band played, the junior and senior choirs sang and for the first time ever, the choir and band sang together. There were also piano and clarinet items for our grandparents to listen to. Then the whole Foundation Phase came to the hall to sing an item and there was much 'searching and waving' as each grandparent tried to find their special little person. The grandparents were able to visit their grandchildren in the classrooms and then take them home early. It was a wonderful morning. Thank you to all the grandparents who joined us. Please see our galler

Interhouse Athletics

On the 6th of September, the netball Interhouse matches took place. A total of 6 matches were played. Great sportsmanship and healthy competition were the rulers of the day. Congratulations to Chapman, as they are the 2017 Interhouse Netball champions. Well done to Albury in 2nd place, Weymouth in 3rd and Kennersley in 4th place. Thank you to all our supporters and a big thank you to all the coaches, who helped to make this day possible. Thank you to all the girls who played their hearts out! You were great!

Hobbiton 2017

Every year the Grade Sixes take the trek up to Hogsback for their camp. 120 excited girls and boys arrived at school ready to hit the road and have some fun! Our first stop was at the 1820 Settler Monument in Grahamstown for a toilet break and a snack. Once we reached Hobbiton on Hogsback, we went about getting our bunks sorted and there was no time to waste as we got stuck into our first set of rotations. Through the course of the next 3 days, they were all challenged to work as a team, rely on each other and challenge themselves in obstacles that were scary but never dangerous! Abseiling, trapeze, Jacobs ladder, zipline, middle ropes course and Raft Building were a few activities that

Neuronet Open Week

Last week was our Neuronet Open Week. Parents of our Grade 1 pupils were invited to come and sit in and watch their child's Neuronet class. Over 90 parents observed lessons. Thank you so much for your interest and support. Additional photos in the Gallery

Grade 5 Reading Competition

The Grade 5's held their reading competition last week. The pupils did themselves proud and read beautifully. Well done to all the readers, especially Sophie Glibbery, who was highly commended, and Chinika Goliath - the winner for 2017. You make us all so proud. Additional photos in the Gallery

Grade 4 Reading Competition

The Grade Four Reading Competition was held on Thursday morning, 31 August, in the Library. The adjudicator was Mrs Brettenny. The eight pupils were very excited to be part of this competition. The readers who took part were: Iman Bene, David Lindemann, Audrey Yossakamlouk, Jennifer de Kock, Fezile Damoyi, Rebecca Haswell, Phillipa de Vos and Kate Kruger. They all read exceptionally well. Rebecca Haswell was chosen as the winner and Jennifer de Kock took second place. Congratulations to these two girls on an outstanding effort. Additional photos in the Gallery

Grade 1 Outing to Elands Nursery

The Grade Ones visited Elands Nursery in Rocklands. The desired outcome was for Auntie Kay, {as she is fondly known}, an experienced horticulturalist to acquaint our young children with the world of healthy soil, cuttings dipped into rooting compound, compact rooting systems shared, together with the general care and nurturing of young plants. This culminated in each child being encouraged to plant their own plant and take it home to nurture and grow. A memorable experience for all!

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