Grade 7 Maths Days

On Monday the 26th June 2017, the Grade Seven learners enjoyed a fun-filled Maths day. They learnt about total surface area and volume through a number of practical activities in and around the school. The grade was split into groups which rotated amongst eight activities based on "A day in the life of Mr Goosen", our estate manager. The learners had a great time learning how to use a tape measure correctly, while measuring the tennis courts,swimming pool, kombi, garages etc.

Talent Show 2017

The highlight of the last day of the second term was the highly anticipated, annual Grade 6 and 7 Talent Show. All week long Mrs Moosa and her team worked closely with these talented youngsters , helping them hone their skills and perfect their acts. When the last day of term finally arrived, all groups were extremely excited and ready to showcase their hard work. There were a variety of performers, from musicians to hip hop dancers and even a comedy act. There was a range of music and beats and the crowd was in awe of the seniors who put on such an entertaining show. These Grade 6's and 7's left many pupils inspired to start thinking of what they could showcase next year.

Grade 7 Water Rockets

On Wednesday, 28 June 2017, the Grade 7 pupils were set the challenge of planning, constructing and launching a water rocket. The water rockets were made from 2-litre plastic bottles, styrofoam, cardboard and other assorted materials brought from home. The pupils engaged in the scientific process in which they began their day planning their designs, followed by building their rockets and launch pads. At the end of the day, the Grade 7’s ventured out onto the field into the gale force winds to attempt the launching of their rockets. Some were successful while others, unfortunately, were unable to engage in ‘lift-off’.

Grade 3 Maths Day

On Wednesday 28 June, the Grade 3's enjoyed a Maths Fun Day. They started off using Smarties to do data handling activities, counting, pattern work and money activities. They then enjoyed using maths skills to play dice and card games. Tangrams, puzzles and chess helped them develop practical and logical thinking skills. Maths apps were made use of on the iPads. Who knew Maths could be such fun!

Fathers Coffee Morning

This morning we had our annual Dads Coffee Morning in the school hall. Our special dads were treated to muffins and coffee while the band played for them. Some very 'lucky dads' walked away with prizes from the PTA lucky draw. The dads then got an opportunity to visit their children in their classrooms and give them one last cuddle before heading off for their day. Thank you dads for all that you do for your children.

Hockey vs Elkanah House

On Thursday, the Herbert Hurd 1st boys and 1st girls hockey teams played matches against Elkanah House from Cape Town. The matches were played on the Cranna Fields. Both games were extremely competitive and played in a good spirit. The boys won 4-1 and the girls won 1-0. The goals were scored by: Boys: Kyle Lottering (2); Ashley Ostling; Gerhard Rockman Girls: Iman Bonnass

Grade 1 Scripture Union

The Grade One SU Group have been listening to God during our lessons this past term, focusing on prayer. We were led to consider the plight of the street children in these extremely icy weather conditions and felt the call to make sleeping bags and try to provide some warmth in a very cost effective way...2 black plastic bags and loads of newspaper and duck tape. What a wonderful opportunity to share with our parents and make these bags together, knowing we were working together to bring a little relief to someone else. God Bless our precious parents!!

Grade 2’s visit SAMREC

SAMREC is a penguin rehabilitation centre situated within the Cape Recife Nature Reserve. How lucky we were to spend the morning learning about penguins, being exposed to all the wonderful, real-life artifacts inside the SAMREC classroom and getting to see the penguins up close and personal outside in the rock pool area. Our coastline is home to the African Penguin and being exposed to methods used to clean the penguins after oil spills, seeing how the sick penguins and juveniles are tube fed and learning about moulting, courtship and parenting enable us to leave with a mind full of knowledge and a heart ready to care for our wildlife. We really enjoyed our time and know there may be a few n

Budding little nurses and Dr's in the making???

The Grade One's, all decked out in their masks and head protection wear, shared a visit to St George's Hospital this past week. They thoroughly enjoyed acquainting themselves with the masks used for asthmatic patients, the masks used to 'put them to sleep before an operation', surprised themselves as they heard their own heart beat with a stethoscope and those of others too. They witnessed the arrival of the food trolley and patients being wheeled off by the porter for their operation. All in all, they shared a most memorable experience and even received booties to put over their shoes, an ID bangle and a magnetic list of emergency contact numbers....what a treat!!

Grade 3's visit Animals in Wonderland

The Grade 3's recently had the opportunity to visit Animals in Wonderland where they met and saw many interesting creatures. Some brave boys and girls even held snakes and various other reptiles. Much fun was had and many fears were conquered!

Grade 7 Orators Competition

The Grade 7 Orator's Competition was held in the Martin Emmerick Hall on Thursday 1 June. The audience was treated to excellent well-prepared orals and entertaining unprepared ones. Thank you to the three adjudicators: Mrs Pons, Mrs Scheepers and Mrs Warneke, who had the difficult task of choosing the overall winner. The best orator was Caitlyn Burton who spoke about Emotional Intelligence and its benefits. Her unprepared topic was " How lying can be useful" which was most entertaining. Jordan Harris spoke about "The Ten Weirdest Jobs in the World" and was highly commended for her presentation. The other Grade 7 contestants were: Lauren Thatcher (Accidental Inventions), David Forbes (The

Grade 6 Orators Competition

The Grade 6 Oratory Competition was held on Wednesday, 24 May 2017. The competition really showcased the high standard of public speaking that is evident in Grade 6 this year. Every Grade 6 pupil had to prepare an Orators Oral & these were presented to their class during English lessons. From these orals Mrs Moosa & Mrs Hurter chose the best orals from each class. These orals went through to Round 2. Pupils from this group were in the running to be chosen as one of the top 8 pupils to take part in the Grade 6 Oratory Competition. Mrs Moosa & Mrs Hurter had to listen to 25 Orators Orals in Round 2. This is the most we have ever had in the second round. It was not an easy task but 8 pupils ha

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