Making Dojo come alive!

Movies are always fun!! ESPECIALLY this time round as it was our very OWN movie creation that was key to all the fun being had in the Grade 2 classes over the last 2 weeks of term. We completed a box construction of our Dojo avatar AND that’s not where the fun ended. We named our little characters and created our own movie scripts to include some of the 3D shape facts we have discovered over the term. The final story came together in Chatterpix, a wonderful movie creation app that transformed our Dojo into a talking avatar that told its tale. Cross curricular activities take time BUT they are so worth it when the learning encourages our children to grow and be extended far beyond a worksheet

Top 8 Gala

On Saturday, 18 March 2017, twelve of our Herbert Hurd swimmers participated in the Top 8 Championship Gala at Newton Park Swimming Pool. The Top 8 Gala is the culmination of the season’s B-league galas where the top 8 swimmers in each age group and each stroke are selected to participate. Swimmers who achieved a Level 3 time during the season are not included in the Top 8 Gala. Our morning started with our 12 swimmers marching around the Newton Park Pool proudly displaying our school flag. Throughout the morning, our swimmers gave their best and can be proud of what they have achieved this season and the times which they have improved upon. The following swimmers received medals throughout

Sumcay 2017

The Grade 4’s spent their very first night away from home at Sumcay. First order of business, the great debate of who should get the top bunk… once that was settled the girls had a swim while the boys designed their Coat of Arms for their dorm. Afterwards each group had to perform their own war cry. Once the girls cooled down, it was the boys turn to swim. Camp food is an experience and Sumcay always delivers! Once juice and hotdogs with a slice of watermelon were enjoyed, we got on with the programme. Next up was the class swimming relay trophy. Once all the water droplets had settled from a furious race, Room 35 were crowned champions for 2017. We headed down to the obstacle course to

Is there a ‘right’ high school?

Choosing a high school can feel like a daunting task. It is a very personal choice unique to each individual child and parent, and there is no formula or recipe for making the right selection. Hopefully these will serve as a few helpful questions to ask yourself when choosing the high school that is best for your child. Is this school affordable? Is this school a good fit for my child’s personality? Have I involved my child in this decision? Do I fall within the feeder area/zone for this school? Is the school within reasonable and convenient proximity of my home/workplace? Did I attend open days and if so, what impression did they create? What are the teachers’ credentials? What are the sch

Swimming Level 1 Gala

The Level 1 Intra-Provincial Age Group Gala was held on Saturday, 11 March 2017 at the Newton Park Swimming Pool. Herbert Hurd entered 19 swimmers and 2 mixed relay teams. On arrival, all swimmers received a goody bag with sponsored snacks to keep them energised throughout the day. We are very proud of all our swimmers who participated. You have made Herbert Hurd proud. The following swimmers received ribbons for their achievements: Bergen Dekker 1st u/11 Girls 50m Freestyle 1st U/11 Girls 50m Backstroke 2nd u/11 Girls 100m Freestyle 2nd u/11 Girls 50m Breaststroke Meghan Baxter 2nd u/12 Girls 50m Freestyle 2nd u/12 Girls 100m Freestyle Dean de Necker 2nd u/10 Boys 50m Backstroke Jason Panda

'W' for Watermelon

The Grade 1’s had wedges of watermelon and dipped their feet in water after learning the “w” sound. What fun!

Room 6’s fabulous “LOOKING” glasses

There was fun to be had in making these nifty glasses for our phonics craftivity. Not only did we need to sort our words into the long and short oo sounds but we got to wear them for a day!! And boy did we make the most of that! We LOVED them so much there was no way Mrs Watson was going to be able to keep them at school (spot the oo word?). They are WAY too cool (see this sound keeps popping up!) and they needed to make their way home! Luckily these photos show just how spectacular our day was. Somehow we even scored better on our phonics quiz last week… perhaps looking through these nifty glasses just helped!

Easter Love Boxes

On Friday morning we presented Rev Maureen Lamb from the Northwood Children's Hospice with 50 Easter Love Boxes. These boxes were lovingly painted and packed by the EarlyActors. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of the Herbert Hurd family and the donations exceeded our expectations. Each box consisted of a face cloth, 2 bars of soap, a tooth brush and toothpaste, lip ice, a packet of jelly babies, a box of Oreos and a water bottle. This will bring much love and joy to a young child who is less fortunate than ourselves

Mount Pleasant Mini Cricket Festival

On Saturday 4 March 2017 the U9A, U9B, U9C and U9D mini cricket teams joined together in high spirits to play against various school teams at: The Mount Pleasant Annual Mini Cricket Festival. The children arrived with much excitement ready to take part in the day’s events. Each school was lined up and each team walked with their school flag in front of them. They opened the day’s event with their school choir leading the children to all stand and sing the National Anthem, which was a lovely way to start the morning. There was great support from our Herbert Hurd parents, children and coaches. Everyone who came thoroughly enjoyed the morning's games. Each team played against 3 different sc

Band Camp 2017

Band Camp is always a time of intense concentration on the music at hand and plenty of fun in the sun. This year’s camp proved to be no exception. Under these conditions, we were able to achieve in two days, what would normally have taken six to eight weeks to accomplish. As a result, the band has broken the back of our new repertoire and it now merely remains to work on a final polish. Ms du Toit and Miss Ferraris provided valuable assistance with the woodwind and percussion sections respectively. As always, Mr Garner regaled the band members with his interesting tales and scary ghost stories. This year the senior girls arranged a combined birthday and farewell party in honour of Mr

Grade 1 Space Puppet Show

Heather Tomlinson and Pearl travelled from Durban to present a Puppet Show about Space to our Grade 1’s. Herbert Hurd always looks forward to these puppet shows as they are interesting and contain important facts for the children to learn and remember. Heather is incredibly creative and talented and makes all her own backdrops and puppets. There is an opportunity for the children to dance and sing, as well as, be involved in dressing up or using the puppets. What a wonderful opportunity for the children to be part of this Puppet Theatre Experience!

New Intake of Music Pupils 2017

It was sad to say goodbye to our 2016 Grade Seven music pupils - we miss them! But we have been blessed with a large intake of beginners this year. These youngsters are excited to show off their newly-acquired skills at the Beginners Concert early in the second term.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following players who won the EASTERN PROVINCE PRIMARY SCHOOLS' CHESS B Section for 2016: They are: Sinekamva Ndondo Kavir Dullabh Bjorn Coltman Jude Munz Kameen Hayward Euan Percival Mia Roman David Lindemann Sibulele Hans Joshua Samuel Thandolwethu Gobingca Ayabonga Nolokwe Saschin Terblanche Riley Doyle Jayden van den Berg Charne van den Berg

Gr 3 Willows Outing

The Grade 3’s made their way out to the Willows resort for a morning of fun in the sun. Many were greeted by the first sighting of a tidal pool! After the boundaries and rules were set, they were off! Supertubes, fishing, putt putt, cricket, beach soccer, swimming, shell collecting and who can go to the beach and not bury someone in the sand. The tidal pool proved to be the area for the serious fisherman. One boy even caught a fish with his bare hands! Fishing rods were fashioned with reeds and rope lying around the area. The supertubes were fun and fast. The adrenaline junkies loved the tubes.


This is our 7th week of Neuronet and the Grade 1 pupils are managing so well! The pupils attend Neuronet from Monday to Thursday for a 20-minute session. Mrs Pretorius and the class teacher assist the pupils. The pupils do 10 exercises during each session (4 movement exercises, 2 picture pages and 4 writing exercises). They therefore practice gross motor skills, letter and number recognition and writing during each session. This week is our Open Week for parents and grandparents to view a session. The Grade 1 pupils are so excited to show their parents the new skills that they have learned!

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