From Grade Five

The Grade Five pupils have settled down happily into a new routine this year. We are working on teaching responsibility and working independently. We encourage the Grade Five pupils to plan carefully so that their tasks are completed in time and done to the best of their ability.

Valentines Day Surprise

The Grade 6's surprised the Grade 1's with a Valentine's Surprise on Valentine's Day. Each Grade 6 was allocated a pupil in Grade 1 and wrote them a card with a special message in it welcoming them to our Herbert Hurd family. Accompanying the card was a little treat so they would remember just how sweet they are. Each Grade 6 was given the opportunity to personally hand over their card & sweet to their new friend. It's very special to see their little faces light up when they realize a Grade 6 actually knows who they are. It was Mother Theresa who said, "It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." We could definitely see that our one small act of kindness made a great im

The 'Sport of Reading' - the Kids' Literary Quiz

There were no balls involved, no running and no goal scoring but the competition was fierce and the competitors were prepared for battle against the best in the province! Herbert Hurd pupils were, once again, taking part in the international literature competition, the Kids' Lit Quiz. This competition is open to pupils in all English speaking countries of the world. It was devised by Wayne Mills, former professor of Children's Literature at the University old Auckland, New Zealand, who felt children needed recognition for participating in what he termed 'the sport do reading'. This year our 'sportsmen' were Tara Klue, Danika van der Berg, David Forbes and Jayden van den Berg. They joined

Inter-house Gala

The inter-house gala, in which all Grade 4’s to 7’s participated, was a record-breaking success. The day started with the respective houses (Albury, Chapman, Kennersley and Weymouth) marching down to the pool. The day was spent singing, cheering and supporting our fellow house mates in an attempt to come out on top. The breaststroke and backstroke events had been selected from trials completed earlier in the term, while the freestyle events gave all learners the opportunity to gain participation points for their houses (and cool off a bit in the process). Throughout the day, 11 individual records as well as 3 relay records were broken. Myra Viduya, Jayden Agnew and Justin Agnew all broke rec

Grade 1 Scripture Union

Our Grade One Scripture Union Group were really blessed as they sang, made new friends and shared games and a slice of watermelon with the Grade One children from Heatherbank Primary School. It was wonderful to experience sharing God's awesome love for us both in word and deed. We were very grateful to Mrs Robinson who drove the second bus and took photographs too.


A highly entertaining Inter-house cricket competition was held on Friday, 17 February 2017. All the matches took place at the Birkholtz fields. Kennersley house was victorious in both the inter-house matches and the ‘super over’ competition. They beat Chapman and Weymouth respectively to capture both trophies. Ashley Ostling top scored with 61 runs in the final. Blaine Armstrong scored the winning runs in the ‘super over’. Final inter-house positions: Kennersley Chapman Albury Weymouth Family cricket camp over: The camp over took place on Friday evening, 17 February 2017, at the Birkholtz fields. About 35 boys with their parents started pitching tents after the inter-house cricket matches.

CAPE RECIFE – Room 5 and 6’s outdoor classroom

There is always great excitement as we head down to Cape Recife in the morning to spend the day on this pristine Nature Reserve learning more about our coastline and the ocean. Not to mention having loads of fun beneath the lighthouse that towers above us. There is that freedom to be… to run to our hearts content and to seek out the ocean treasures that lie on the sand. Also some treasures packed into our bags by “good old mum”. Fishing with a hand line is definitely one of the favourite activities during the morning. BUT before one can fish, one needs to get the bait. Of course finding a periwinkle and securing it on the hook gets many brave boys and girls wrinkling up their noses and squir

Feeling the Love

With the run up to Valentine's Day there were hearts galore being created in the Grade 4 and 5 art club, as well as the one attended by Grade 6 and 7 pupils. The senior pupils were given a square of white card, a pencil, a black fineliner and a red pencil crayon and asked to draw an imaginative heart. The results were amazing...each one very different from the next and confirming once again that the pupils of our school not only have wonderful artistic talent but incredible imagination too! Several of these heart drawings were then combined as collaborative posters which were printed for Valentine's Day and displayed on notice boards around the school. In the Grade 4 and 5 art club the pupi

Academic Awards Assembly

Our Academic Awards Assembly was held this morning where we recognised the pupils in the Intermediate Phase who achieved an 80% average in their December 2016 results. Well done to all the pupils who received their Academic badges today. Keep up the hard work. (Please see more photos under the gallery section.)

Cricket Results u9A

The u9A cricket team played against Summerwood on Wednesday, 8 February. Summerwood batted first and scored 38 for 9 wickets. L. Ferreira: 2 wkts for 4 runs A. Groener: 3 wkts for 10 runs S. Liesering: 2 wkts for 3 runs HHPS passed their score with 4 wickets down and 3 overs to spare. J. Rorhoff: 12 not out T. Botha: 12 not out HHPS won by 6 wickets.

iPad Mosaics

Room 20 had great fun designing their own mosaics on the iPads. We designed the mosaics on an app called 'Make a Mosaic'. This activity not only encouraged creativity but also gave us the opportunity to revise 2 D shapes.

Graaff-Reinet Derby Day

The U11A and U13A cricket teams travelled to Graaff-Reinet on Friday morning, 3 February, for their annual derby day. Unfortunately, the teams rode into a 40 minute torrential downpour as they entered the town. Due to the excessive amounts of rain that fell, both matches on the Friday and Saturday were called off. The boys did not let this "dampen" their spirits and had a lovely time playing barefoot "water cricket".

Grade 7 Team Building

On Friday the 3rd of February, the Grade 7’s took part in a team-building day at the Birkholtz Fields. Once the children had been split into their groups, they were sent off to different activities. These well-thought-out activities (Thanks Mrs Stone!) were set to be challenging, yet fun. They provided great opportunities for the boys and girls to learn about teamwork. Some of the activities included deciphering clues to find cellphone numbers that were hidden away and then needing to memorise them to be able to get their next clue! There was a timed marble challenge where you needed to build a “sandcastle” that you could roll a marble down and whoever's marble took the longest to roll do

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